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Ask me anything month - continued!

butterflyblob was kind enough to participate in the annual March "ask me anything" meme.  Her question - "Why did you end up leaving your grad program" - has been answered via my latest post at my blog Mind Unquiet.

Here's a link directly to the post: "On Coming Out Bipolar"

I'd love it if you had the opportunity to come by and read/comment! 

Also, there are still 9 days left in Ask Me Anything Month, so the floor remains open!


Ask me anything.

It's March again, that time of year when you get to ask me anything you'd like, either about me or my opinions. 


Hi everyone

Just sort of wondering who is still hanging around livejournal.  I've noticed a few posts by some friends lately, but most of my flist is now made up of syndicated feeds and community posts.  I'm blogging more often at my other blog Mind Unquiet; it's the same blog as Hysteric Society was but just a new title and a sprucing up/redesign.  Still, would like there to be an LJ feed, so butterflyblob (or anyone else), if you're still a paid member, would you mind doing that for me?  the URL is http://mindunquiet.blogspot.com. 

Most of my online musings will be there, though I intend to become more active in the Tarot community here. 

Anyway, hope people are doing well, if you read this. 

New Poem - "Hotel Pictures"

Is up on my new blog, which I would love you to add to your feed aggregator of choice if you'd like.  LJ Feed is available in my previous entry, and Google Reader and Google Friend Finder work as well.  My first follower seems to have used her twitter account to do so! Hope everyone is finding the work so far enjoyable.  

Here it is -  

"Hotel Pictures"

Comment with your impressions!  I'd love to hear them. 

xoxo Charlie

new bloggery - we're androids

Hey y'all,

Just checking in to let you know that my new blog is up and running. butterflyblob was kind enough to make me a feed so that you may easily add it to your LJ experience. 

Here are two links.  One is to the blog itself, which contains two very long entries.  The first is sort of a sprawling statement of purpose - I pull from a lot of intellectual and pop cultural arenas here, so take your time with that one - one reader has noted in her commentary that it took a while even to digest it (though afterward she found it quite enjoyable and intellectually/emotionally helpful).  The second entry is a repurposing of my sister's eulogy in service of celebrating friendship and the guardian angels in our lives (as opposed/linked to our Angels in America). 

The other link is an add-page for the feed itself.  If you simply click that link, it should direct you to the page where you choose your feed/friend settings. 

Hysteric Society

Add Hysteric Society to Friends List

I've been pimping the hell out of this blog to my friends on Facebook, but this is the first promotion I've done on LJ.  Also, I am a bit behind on my friends list reading, so I'll get back to that in a few days.  Rest assured that I try to follow everyone the best I can, but I've only gotten in the habit of offering comments pretty recently. 

For those of you who would like me to read your work, feel totally free to post a link or seven in the comments section here.  I realize how much effort goes into these things called blogs that some people think are a waste of time, but writing is art, and art should be shared among artists.  As should photos you're proud of having taken and videos you have enjoyed discovering. 

The title of this post comes from one of the Captchas that I've filled out on Facebook.  "were androids" was its raw form, but I added an apostrophe for effect.  Just by the way. 

Hope everyone who encounters this has a great day.  I've missed conversing with you, and look forward to doing so more often in the future, which - according to aphoristic wisdom - is now. 

Let's catch up, if you'd like

I'm starting a new blog at http://hystericsociety.blogspot.com (some of you may have seen my WordPress blog of a very similar name already, though I now know that to have been in a "beta testing" of sorts) that may be worthwhile reading for you to see where I am lately (it's sort of in response to the March Question Meme stuff I never got to, but different in degree and in kind). I'm revising the first post, because one of my bad habits lately is clicking send/post before the writing is finished, and then regretting my mode of expression later.

If any of you are paid members, I'd specifically like you to make an LJ feed (hystericsociety is the obvious choice, let me know if it's taken) for the blog and direct me to its location. It's really the space I feel most comfortable in online as of now, and it's where I'll be doing most of my blogging, though I will keep this account active and perhaps cross post some stuff.

You all are very important to me, as you helped me get through some of the roughest years of my life, personally and intellectually, simply by sharing your personal narratives and pop culture texts to take pleasure in. This blog is me doing the same for you, hopefully. Some readers of my newly confident writerly voice, however, have noted that I'm leaving lots of important details out, so I'm going to encourage you to ask questions of me that I will answer the best I know how. I'll do a follow up post on the current circumstances of my life here, if they're not clear enough from the mentions I make in the first blog post.

I just know that it's time for me to step out from behind the veil of my own self-circumscriptions and my friends lists and reveal myself in public. I'm totally comfortable doing that - I will add, however, that the blog is my way of processing both my memories of adolescence/young adulthood and my mental health diagnosis (Bipolar Disorder, though I prefer "Manic-Depressive Illness"), so it can and should be intense at times, in reflection of my intense thought processes surrounding the subject matter. I've tried my best, however, to cultivate a welcoming tone while making it clear that some interactions are unwelcome.

It's been a time of big changes in my life, mostly exhilarating ones, and I'm most excited to share my writings with you. I hope you're ready to hear what I have to say, but if not, that's ok too. I just want to cultivate happiness in all our lives.

Feel free to use the comments section here as an update about you, so that we may reinitiate contact if you'd like.

But since last year's March questions were the last time I wrote either substantially or frequently, I thought I'd break myself in here.

Surely you still have something you'd like to ask me.

Comments screened. Please indicate if you'd rather I didn't share your identity when I answer your question.

140 Items or Less.

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140 Items or Less.

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